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Not your typical network

2H2H Media can best be described as a compilation of premium placements on quality websites. We have set up a very reliable team from 2004, we’ve tried and tested countless online campaigns with hundreds of publishers. This has given us the experience, insight and publisher relations needed to present our advertisers with a premium network that will yield real results, over and over again.

Premium Placements

We don’t just accept sites into our network; we actively recruit them and keep track of their performance. We also make sure to have the top performing positions and formats at our disposal on every site. As an advertiser in our network, you can rest assured that your campaign will be placed in a beneficial environment that will let your message speak loud and clear.

Available Channels


Reach the right demographic for your dating product.


Get your message delivered to hardcore sport fans all over the world.


Target a perfect mix of sites for driving new customers to online casinos, poker rooms and bookies.


Strenghten your brand, make the right people aware and watch sales grow.


Cut unnecessary cost by focusing your campaign on either men or women.


Showcase your product to movie buffs and music lovers with strong buying power.


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