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If you have qualitative traffic, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t bring you hard cash every month. We offer a fair revenue share of 70/30 and have a track-record of boosting advertising revenue up to 200% per month.

Inventory optimization
Our network contains a varied range of advertisers and campaigns that allows us to maximize monthly income for our publishers. We make sure to prioritize the highest performing ads for your inventory to give you the best possible value for every impression served.

Why us?
2H2H Media is a team of enthusiastic, driven and dedicated online advertising experts. Keeping publishers happy and well paid is at the very core of our company philosophy. There’s a reason our publisher portfolio contains some of the largest websites online, and it sure isn’t our good looks.

  • Try out our network today and enjoy the benefits:
  • Market leading eCPM's
  • 100% fill-rate in North-America, Europe, Australia and South Africa
  • Optional default ad of your choosing
  • Payment on time, every time
  • Clean ads; no fraud and no auto-sound


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